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Roof Tarps and Shrink Wrapped Roofs Florida Restoration Consultants and Estimators, LLC

What is a tarp roof?

2-4 hours. Tarping a roof stops leaks temporarily and protects your home from the elements. When installed correctly, roof tarps can shield your home from bad weather for up to 90 days.

What is a shrink wrap roof?

A shrink wrap roof is just as it sounds. It consists of a large plastic membrane that shrinks tightly to the contours of your roof using heat. Seams are heat-welded to create a water-tight seal over the entire roof. It is a superior alternative to blue roof tarps.

A shrink wrap is not only important to avoid roof damage, but also to stop damage to your home. The main reason you should consider a shrink wrap is to avoid water damage to your home. The longer you let water into your home, the more damage it can create.